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Employment Services
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Marimor Industries has adopted a zero discharge policy.  Once an individual enters Employment Services, they remain in the program until either of the two criteria is met to exit. 
1.)  “The individual meets the goal of referred service”.
2.)  “The individual and/or legal guardian, along with the team, under the direction of the funding source decide to discontinue services before the goal is met”.

When circumstances occur where the Employment Services Manager may determine that the individual is not being well served by the department due to extenuating circumstances, the funding source will be contacted to discuss a resolution.  


Job Development - assist individuals in identifying their job interests and
finding a job that matches their skills.

Job Coaching - will work with individuals helping them learn their tasks to
to succeed in their new position.

Follow Along and Support - coordinators will continue to check with
individuals to assure they are doing well with their position.

Career Exploration - includes services such as job shadowing, informational
interviews and reviews of local labor market information to help consumers
explore the potential for identified employment skills.

Job Seeking Skills Training - prepares a client to apply, interview and
secure a job.

Community Based Assessments - you will learn work at a site in the
community where your strengths, abilities, work readiness, social
interactions and work behaviors will be assessed to determine if you are
ready for a specific job. A Vocational Specialist will be with you to
provide instruction and complet the assessment.

Work Adjustment - a training program in either community, or facility
based setting to assist the client in acquiring, or improving work skills,
work behaviors, work tolerance, interpersonal skills and work ethics.
Staff will be present, as needed, to provide instruction, evaluate changes
in behaviors, abilities and attitudes. The consumer is paid the current
Ohio minimum wage rate.

Benfits Analysis - helps you understand how your benefits will be affected
when working.

Project SEARCH - a training program that allows us to collaborate with a host
business to provide graduating seniors with disabilities the opportunity to work
3-ten week internships to learn transferable job skills, practice professional
work etiquette and improve their success in gaining competitive community
employment. Job Development is part of this service.

Summer Youth Programs - supervised work crews to assist 14 year-olds in learning transferable job skills.

Career Exploration Camp - a job exploration opportunity in the summer for younger students.
Any information collected will be used solely by Marimor Industries, follow through on your request for additional information. Marimor Industries, Inc. will maintain such information in confidence and does not sell contact information to third parties.
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