Employment Services

We help individuals build skills and find employment

Marimor Industries Employment Services assists people with disabilities with their employment needs. Our goal is to provide assistance to our job seekers in finding a job in their community. We do this through providing quality services that will help the job seeker build skills, discover their interests and find their dream job.

The process is individualized based on the job seekers needs and preferences including the when and where the services are provided. Our services are offered 24 hours per day 7 days a week. We offer services in Allen, Hardin, and Auglaize counties. The services are provided through referrals from Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities (OOD) and the Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD). The Job Seeker along with their OOD Counselor or SSA will determine which services best meets their needs. Marimor Industries Employment Services are CARF accredited in the area of Community Employment Services. To learn more about this accreditation, please go to the CARF website at www.carf.org.

We offer pre-employment services that assist the participant in determining their career path. We also assist with removing the barriers that may stand in the job seeker’s success. The services we offer include Career Exploration, Career Discovery, Community Based Assessment, Work Adjustment, and Benefit’s Analysis.

Career Exploration

We can assist with learning more about the careers that interest the job seeker. Our Vocational Specialists can set up job shadowing experiences and informational interviews in the job seeker’s field of interest.


We can assist the potential job seeker in finding  a vocational goal by learning more about them. This is an in-depth process where the Vocational Specialist learns about the job seeker’s interests and preferences and helps develop employment themes that can then be developed into the vocational goal.

Community Based Assessments

We can place the job seeker on a temporary basis in a community job to see if they like the work and assess strengths and abilities. During the Community Based Assessment the Vocational Specialist will help determine what is needed to assist the Job Seeker in being successful in a job. The job seeker is paid the current Ohio minimum wage rate during the Community Based Assessment.

Work Adjustment

Sometimes a job seeker has areas to work on prior to seeking employment, such as work tolerance, interpersonal skills, and meeting an employer’s expectations. The Vocational Specialist can assist in these areas through a Work Adjustment, which takes place in a temporary job in the community. The job seeker is paid the current Ohio minimum wage rate during the Work Adjustment.

Benefits Analysis

The Work Incentive Practitioner (WIP) can help the potential job seeker to understand how their benefits will be affected by employment.

Employment Services We help individuals build skills and find employment

When the job seeker knows their desired career path, they are ready to start the process of looking for a job. We individualize the job search services to meet the needs and preferences of the participant, which included Job Seeking Skills Training and Job Development.

Job Development

We will assist the job seeker in finding employment opportunities, completing applications, developing a resume, preparing for interviews, and navigating through the hiring process.  Our Vocational Specialists that provide Supported Employment Job Development are Certified Employment Support Professionals (CESP).

Job Seeking & Skills Training

Our Vocational Specialists help prepare the job seeker so they can apply, interview, and secure a job.

After the job seeker secures employment, they may need services to assist them in learning their new job and maintaining thereafter. We are able to assist in with Job Coaching and Follow Along services.

Job Coaching

After being hired, we will help the new employee with getting started in their new position. Our Vocational Specialists will provide the support needed to lean the job tasks, developing natural supports, and meeting their employer’s expectations.

Follow Along and Support

We can support the employee throughout their career. We can assist with changes at work, negotiating pay increases and advancement, adapting to schedule changes, and learning new job tasks.

We also provide transitional services that are specialized for students with disabilities between the ages of 14 – 22 through our Job Readiness Program called Project SEARCH, Summer Youth Work Experience and Career Exploration.

Project SEARCH

In our training program, we collaborate with a host business to provide graduating seniors the opportunity to work three 10-week internships to learn transferable job skills, practice professional work etiquette, and to improve their success in gaining competitive community employment. The goal of Project SEARCH is for the student to obtain a job in the community at the completion of the program.

Summer Youth Work Experience

This program focuses on placing students into supervised work crews to assist them with learning transferable job skills.

Pre-Employment Training Services (Pre-Ets)

This program helps prepare high school students for future opportunities with Job Exploration Counseling, Work-Based Learning, Self-Advocacy, Counseling of Postsecondary Opportunities and Work Place Readiness Training.

2019 Results

  • 42 individuals were successfully placed in community jobs.
  • Of the 68 individuals receiving Follow Along at the beginning of 2019, 81% maintained employment.

Marimor Industries has adopted a zero discharge policy

Once an individual enters Employment Services, they remain in the program until either of the two criteria is met:

  • The individual meets the goal of the referred service.
  • The individual and/or legal guardian, along with the team, under the direction of the funding source decides to discontinue services before the goal is met.

When circumstances occur where the Employment Services Manager may determine that the individual is not being well served by the department due to extenuating circumstances, the funding source will be contacted to discuss a resolution.