Habilitation Services

Our habilitation services help individuals

We have many different services available. These include our:

Volunteer Opportunities in the Community

Our goal is to collaborate with local businesses so individuals have the opportunity to give back to their community by volunteering at local surrounding businesses in their community.

Community Integration

For individuals to get an opportunity to participate in their community, increase independence, empowerment, and learn what is available to them in their community and surrounding areas.

Enrichment in Skills

We help individuals learn skills in structured environments where it can improve and/or increase new skills, improve education, and learn new tasks to increase independence. These include life skills, pedestrian skills, cooking skills, employment building skills, and memory enhancement skills.

Special Events

Annually, we hold several special events, which include our Adult Formal, Harvest Hoedown, Marimor Idol, Summer Picnics, Memorial Ceremony and the Holiday Party. We also host monthly Karaoke.

Opportunity to Increase Stamina

Individuals can increase stamina by utilizing the trails at local parks and completing exercise videos with peers and staff. There is also the opportunity to increase stamina by working on a different array of jobs.

Social Activities

Our on-site social activities include group book reading, cooking, music, exercise, skill building, crafts, etc. Off-site activities could include outings, such as movies, parks, or theatre trips.

Leisure Activities

Leisure activities include free time from work and/or skill-building activities, where one can rest, enjoy personal hobbies or activities and trying new things.

Daily Structure

Daily structure can help reduce stress levels that lead to improved mental health, more time to relax and less anxiety.

Music Therapy

During music therapy, music is used within a therapeutic relationship to address physical, emotional, cognitive and social needs of individuals.